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What to expect in AP Computer Science classes?

Hey! I'm thinking about taking some AP Computer Science classes next year but I'm not exactly sure what to expect. Can someone share their experiences with AP Computer Science A or AP Computer Science Principles? Which one is more manageable for a beginner?

5 months ago

Hi there! Both AP Computer Science A and AP Computer Science Principles are great courses to take if you're interested in learning about programming and computer science concepts. However, they differ in terms of their focus, so you'll cover slightly different content in each class.

AP Computer Science A is a Java-based programming class that teaches object-oriented programming, data structures, and problem-solving techniques. You'll learn to code in Java and work on projects that involve designing, creating, and testing algorithms and programs. This course is more rigorous and requires a solid foundation in math, as well as good analytical and problem-solving skills.

On the other hand, AP Computer Science Principles focuses more on the broader aspects of computer science, including the internet, data analysis, and the global impacts of computing. You'll learn a variety of programming languages, like Scratch, Python, or JavaScript, and you'll complete projects that showcase your understanding of different computer science concepts. This course is generally considered more accessible to beginners as it requires less prior programming experience and has a lighter focus on math.

If you're a beginner with no prior programming experience, AP Computer Science Principles might be a better starting point since it covers a wide range of topics and languages and is less math-intensive. However, if you have a strong math background and are especially interested in programming, AP Computer Science A could be an excellent option for you.

Both courses have their own unique challenges, but with dedication and a genuine interest in computer science, you can succeed in either class. Good luck deciding which course to take, and think about reaching out to the teacher(s) if you think more personalized guidance would be useful in figuring out which one is right for you!

5 months ago

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