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Application activity ideas?

I'm a junior and starting to think about my college applications. Can y'all suggest some meaningful activities that would look good on my application? I'm into sports, but also want to try some new things. All suggestions appreciated!

7 months ago

It's great that you're exploring new activities! Given your interest in sports, you can continue participating in them, but also consider options outside of sports that can help diversify your extracurricular profile. Here are some ideas:

1. Community service: Engage in volunteering opportunities within your local community. This can range from helping out at a food bank, tutoring younger students, or working with an organization like Habitat for Humanity. Community service not only enriches your college application but also enables you to give back and gain a broader perspective. You could even intersect this with your interest in sports by, for example, volunteering to help coach a youth soccer team.

2. Clubs and organizations: Join or start an interest-based club at your school. Examples include the debate team, student council, robotics club, or environmental club. Pursue a leadership role or take on a project within the club to demonstrate your commitment and skills.

3. Internships or job experiences: Look for internships or part-time job opportunities related to your field of interest. This can provide hands-on experience and help you develop valuable skills that colleges appreciate.

4. Creative pursuits: Explore your artistic side by joining a theater group, participating in an art workshop, taking up photography, or writing for your school's newspaper or literary magazine.

5. Academic competitions: Participate in competitions that challenge your intellect and showcase your academic skills. Examples include Science Olympiad, Mathletes, or writing contests.

6. Entrepreneurial ventures: If you have an innovative idea, consider starting a small business or project. This can be an excellent way to develop leadership, problem-solving, and time-management skills.

When choosing activities, prioritize quality over quantity. Focus on those that genuinely engage and interest you, and through which you can grow both personally and academically. Demonstrating a commitment to and passion for fewer chosen activities will make your college application stand out more than just signing up for everything possible.

Good luck finding activities that are enriching for you!

7 months ago

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