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Getting report cards in college?

Just a quick question – do we still receive report cards or some sort of grade summary once we're in college? How is our academic progress communicated to us and our parents?

7 months ago

In college, you typically do not receive physical report cards like you would in high school. Instead, your grades will usually be made available to you online through your college's student portal or learning management system. This system allows you to review your grades at your leisure.

As for your parents, college students are legally considered adults, meaning academic records are protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). This means colleges cannot share your grades with your parents without your explicit consent. If your parents wish to have access to your academic progress, you would need to provide them with access to your student account or give them a signed consent form that allows the college to disclose your information.

Keep in mind that college courses are designed differently from high school classes, so your grades may not be updated as frequently. Professors often weigh final exams, papers, or projects more heavily and have fewer smaller assignments to grade throughout the semester. So, it's essential to take responsibility for your academic progress and stay on top of deadlines, as well as communicate openly with your professors if you have any concerns or need assistance.

Best of luck with your academic pursuits in college!

7 months ago

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