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Does FAFSA affect college admission decisions?

I'm going to be applying for financial aid through FAFSA, but I'm a bit worried that it might impact my chances of getting into my dream school. Can submitting the FAFSA have any effect on my college admission decisions? Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

7 months ago

While the admission process and financial aid determination are usually separate processes within a college or university, it's important to understand that some schools practice need-blind admission and some practice need-aware admission.

Need-blind admission means that the college does not consider the applicant's financial need while making an admission decision. This is true for some highly selective colleges and top-tier universities in the United States (you can find a list on CollegeVine's blog: https://blog.collegevine.com/a-guide-to-need-blind-schools-complete-list). At these schools, submitting the FAFSA will have no bearing on your chances of being admitted.

On the other hand, need-aware admission means that the college considers an applicant's financial need while making an admission decision. This is more common at schools with limited financial aid budgets or smaller endowments. In this instance, if a student demonstrates high financial need, it could potentially have an effect on their admission decision.

However, it's essential not to let these concerns prevent you from applying for financial aid. Financial aid is there to help students access higher education and can greatly reduce financial burden. Furthermore, many schools have a variety of scholarships and grants available that are only accessible if you've submitted the FAFSA. By not applying, you might miss out on valuable financial resources.

It's a good idea to research the specific financial aid policies of each school you're applying to, so you can understand how they just might handle your financial aid application and if they are need-blind or need-aware. If you're confused about anything, consider reaching out to their financial aid office directly for clarification.

Best of luck with your journey towards an affordable college education!

7 months ago

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