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EA II question - is it worth applying?

I was thinking about applying to some colleges through EA II. I know it's in between regular EA and RD deadlines, but I'm not sure if it gives me any advantages. Would it be worth applying through EA II, or should I just stick to RD? Let me know your opinions!

7 months ago

I would say it's worth considering EA II if you feel confident in your application materials and want a slightly earlier decision. Applying EA II can have some benefits and drawbacks, so let's break it down:


1. Earlier decision: EA II typically results in learning about admission decisions before RD applicants, which can alleviate stress and help you plan ahead for your college choice.

2. Slight admissions boost: Applying through an earlier round, like EA II, may give you a slightly better chance of admission. This is because colleges appreciate students expressing interest in their school earlier on in the process.


1. Limited time for improvement: If you think you can improve your application significantly before the RD deadline, you may want to focus on that instead of rushing to meet the EA II deadline.

2. Potential distraction: If applying EA II causes you to spend too much time focusing on just one or two schools, it might take away from the time you could dedicate to polishing your applications to other schools.

Ultimately, the decision to apply EA II or RD should depend on your personal circumstances and priorities. If the benefits align with your goals and your application is strong, EA II could be a good option for you. If not, focusing on the RD round could give you more time to improve and tailor your application to your desired schools. Good luck!

7 months ago

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