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How to enter cumulative GPA on common app?

I'm entering my academic info on the common app and I'm not sure how to put my cumulative GPA in the right format. What scale should I use and should I convert it somehow? Any help would be appreciated!

7 months ago

When entering your cumulative GPA on the Common App, you'll want to input the information exactly as it appears on your transcript. The Common App typically provides options for entering your GPA on a 4.0, 100-point, or 5.0 (if it includes weighted classes) scale. Here's a quick guide on how to enter your GPA:

1. First, check your high school transcript for your cumulative GPA and the scale used by your school (it's usually mentioned on the transcript itself).

2. In the Education section of the Common App, you'll find a subsection named "Grades." Click on it.

3. Under "Current or Most Recent Year Courses," you'll see the option to enter your "Cumulative Grade Point Average."

4. Select the scale from the dropdown list next to it, which should match the scale used by your high school.

5. Enter your cumulative GPA in the box provided, exactly as it appears on your transcript, without converting or modifying it.

It's important to input the information as accurately as possible, as this ensures consistency between your Common App and your official transcript that will be sent by your counselor. If you have any concerns about your school using an unusual scale or if you're unsure about how to report your GPA, consult your high school counselor or a teacher for guidance. They can help you make sure you're entering the information correctly. Good luck with your college applications!

7 months ago

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