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Can Adults Take the SAT?

Hi all! I was wondering if adults are allowed to take the SAT, and if so, is there any specific process they need to follow? Has anyone here done this and can share their experience?

7 months ago

Yes, adults can definitely take the SAT. The SAT is open to people of all ages and there's no age limit to register for the test. The process for adults to register is quite similar to that of high school students. You can register online through the College Board website, or you can register by mail if you prefer.

When registering online, you will need to create a College Board account if you don't have one already. When prompted for information, you can select "other" for the high school information if you've already graduated or are not currently enrolled. Be sure to choose an appropriate test date and testing location that work best for you. You don't need to worry about the registration deadline, but it's essential to register before the late registration deadline to avoid any additional fees.

For test preparation, there are numerous resources available, including the College Board's official SAT study guide, Khan Academy's free online materials, and CollegeVine's SAT prep resources.

It's important to note that colleges may have different application requirements for adult or nontraditional applicants. Make sure you research the colleges you're interested in to understand their policies and requirements. Furthermore, adult learners might wish to consider taking the SATs in conjunction with completing a high school equivalency program (e.g., the GED) if they haven't already, as this can help strengthen their overall application.

7 months ago

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