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Volunteering as an Extracurricular Activity?

I've done a lot of volunteer work throughout high school and was wondering, is volunteering considered an extracurricular activity when it comes to college applications? Would appreciate any input on this topic, thanks!

7 months ago

Yes, volunteering is definitely considered an extracurricular activity when it comes to college applications. In fact, volunteering can be a strong addition to your application, as it demonstrates your commitment to community service and showcases your interests outside of academics.

Keep in mind the 4 Tiers of Extracurriculars when assessing the impact of your volunteer work on your application. Tier 3 and 4 activities are the most common, which include general volunteering and club membership, respectively. However, if your volunteering includes leadership roles or participation in high-impact projects, it may elevate the value of your participation to Tier 2. If you want to read more about extracurricular tiers, you can check out CollegeVine's blog post on the topic here: https://blog.collegevine.com/breaking-down-the-4-tiers-of-extracurricular-activities.

Be sure to clearly describe the scope and significance of your volunteer work on your application to help the admissions committee better understand your involvement. Overall, though, your volunteer work should be a beneficial component of your application regardless of how involved you've been. Good luck with your college applications!

7 months ago

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