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Sign Language as a Foreign Language?

Hey y'all, I've been taking American Sign Language (ASL) classes and I absolutely love it! Would it count as a foreign language for college admissions? I want to make sure I'm fulfilling any language requirements.

7 months ago

Hey there! It's wonderful to hear that you're enjoying your ASL classes. To answer your question, yes, many colleges do consider American Sign Language (ASL) as a foreign language and accept it to fulfill their foreign language requirements. However, acceptance can vary by institution, so it's essential to review the specific guidelines and policies for each college you're interested in applying to.

Most colleges require 2-4 years of foreign language study for admission, and some highly selective schools may prefer applicants who have studied a language for more extended periods. If you're unsure whether a specific college accepts ASL as a foreign language, you can research the admissions requirements on their website or reach out to the college's admissions office for further clarification.

Keep in mind that even if a college considers ASL as a foreign language, demonstrating additional foreign language knowledge or skills can be an asset during the admissions process, particularly when showing breadth and depth in your academic profile.

I hope that helps, and best of luck with your college applications!

7 months ago

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