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When do college admission decision dates occur?

Hi everyone, I'm a bit stressed about hearing back from the colleges I applied to. Does anyone have a general idea as to when most admission decision dates occur? Thanks a ton!

7 months ago

Hello! I understand that waiting for college admission decisions can be a bit nerve-racking. In general, decision dates can vary slightly by college, but I'll provide you with a rough timeline for when you might expect to hear back based on the application types:

Early Action (EA) and Early Decision (ED): If you applied EA or ED, you could expect to receive your decisions around mid-December to early January, depending on the specific college's notification date. Keep in mind that some colleges may release their decisions on a rolling basis, which means they might arrive earlier or later than this time frame.

Regular Decision: For regular decision applicants, most colleges usually send out their decisions between late March and early April. However, this can also vary based on the institution, and you should check your desired college's admissions website for their specific notification date.

Rolling Admissions: If you applied to a college with rolling admissions, decisions are typically made within 4-6 weeks after you submit your completed application. This means you could hear back at any time throughout the application cycle, typically starting in the fall and extending into spring.

Please note that these are just general guidelines, and the actual decision dates may differ across colleges. To get the most accurate information, refer to the admissions website of each college you've applied to, or try reaching out to their admissions office. Good luck, and I hope your decision notifications bring you good news!

7 months ago

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