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Order of Activities on UC Application

Quick question for everyone who has gone through the UC application process: does the order of listing activities on the app matter? I want to make sure I'm presenting my achievements in the best way possible.

7 months ago

To answer your question, no, the order of your listed activities on the UC application does not carry a significant impact, but you can still use it strategically to highlight your most important achievements. Ideally, you should list your activities in descending order of importance or involvement, as this can help to create a stronger impression of your accomplishments.

Start by listing your most impressive or meaningful activities first—such as any Tier 1 or Tier 2 extracurriculars, major awards, or leadership positions. After that, you can list Tier 3 and Tier 4 activities, or those that demonstrate a continued interest in a subject/area or serve as evidence of your well-roundedness.

Remember that the quality of your activities holds more weight than the order in which they're listed. Admissions officers generally pay more attention to your involvement and impact in each activity, rather than to the order in which they appear. Make sure to describe your accomplishments and role in each activity effectively, as this will ultimately have a more significant impact on your application.

Good luck with your UC application!

7 months ago

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