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HOSA and College Admissions

As a junior in HOSA and really passionate about the medical field, I wanted to ask if being a member of HOSA (or even an officer) looks good on college applications. Does it show dedication towards pursuing a career in healthcare? Thanks in advance for your insights!

7 months ago

Being a member and especially an officer in HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) can be a great addition to your college applications, particularly if you're interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare field. By participating in HOSA, you're demonstrating your commitment to healthcare, learning valuable skills, and engaging in activities that align with your future goals.

HOSA involvement can be considered a Tier 3 extracurricular activity, which highlights your interests and possibly leadership if you hold a prominent position within the organization. While not as rare as Tier 1 or 2 activities, Tier 3 extracurriculars are still good to showcase dedication to a specific field.

However, keep in mind that colleges are often looking for students with a "spike," or a highly-developed specialty. To augment your healthcare-oriented extracurricular profile, consider supplementing your HOSA participation with additional activities, volunteer work, or internships in the healthcare field. This could help you develop a stronger "spike" and demonstrate your genuine dedication to healthcare.

Ultimately, it's essential to focus on the quality and depth of your involvement rather than simply being a member. Prioritize taking on leadership responsibilities, participating in HOSA competitions, or volunteering for healthcare-related initiatives to make your HOSA experience stand out on your college application and better showcase your dedication to the field.

7 months ago

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