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Self-Studying APs and College Apps

What's up, guys? I've decided to self-study for some AP exams, and I was wondering if this would look good on my college applications? Would admissions officers value my self-discipline and initiative in learning?

7 months ago

Hello! Self-studying for AP exams can certainly have a positive impact on your college applications. Admissions officers are likely to appreciate your initiative, dedication, and intellectual curiosity, as it demonstrates a strong work ethic and a willingness to challenge yourself academically.

To make the most of your self-studied APs, it's important to actually sit for the exams and do well on them. Although AP scores don't hold as much weight as your coursework and grades in these courses, they can still provide additional context and validation of your skill level in that subject area. Moreover, if you achieve high scores, colleges may offer you credit or advanced placement in related courses, which could save valuable time and money.

When mentioning your self-studied APs on your application, be sure to emphasize the reasons behind your decision to self-study, such as a genuine interest in the subject matter or a desire to push yourself beyond what's offered in your school's curriculum. This will help demonstrate to admissions officers that your self-studying experience contributes to your overall academic profile and commitment to learning.

In conclusion, self-studying APs can be a valuable addition to your college applications. Just make sure you do well on the exams and effectively highlight your motivation and achievements related to the initiative. Best of luck!

7 months ago

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