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Parent brag sheet answers: any examples?

Hey guys, my counselor asked my parents to fill out a brag sheet to help her write my college recommendation letter. Can anyone share some examples of how their parents answered the questions in a way that made their accomplishments and character stand out? My parents are struggling with what to write. Thanks!

7 months ago

Hello! It's important for your parents to keep in mind that their responses should be genuine, descriptive, and personal. Here are some tips and examples to help guide them as they fill out the brag sheet:

1. Share a specific story or anecdote: Encourage your parents to think about a particular moment that shows off your character in a compelling way. For example: "When [Student] was in 9th grade, they noticed that the recycling bins at our local park were always overflowing. They took the initiative to speak with the city council and worked to get additional bins installed. This not only resolved the issue but also demonstrated their dedication to environmental causes and their ability to create change in our community."

2. Highlight growth and development: Ask your parents to talk about how you've grown over the years, either as a person or in a specific area of interest. Example: "[Student] has always been passionate about art. Over the years, they've taken various courses and workshopped their talent with different mediums. From being a shy, unsure beginner to confidently showcasing their work in school art shows and local galleries, we've seen tremendous growth in their abilities and self-assurance."

3. Emphasize your unique qualities: Encourage your parents to think about what sets you apart from others. They could focus on your curiosity, creativity, resilience, empathy, or any other traits that make you special. Example: "One thing we admire about [Student] is their unwavering empathy. They never hesitate to stand up for their peers and actively seek to understand different perspectives. They often organize inclusive events at school, such as a multicultural food festival, to bring diverse groups together and foster a sense of unity."

4. Showcase your accomplishments and talents: Ask your parents to explain how you've demonstrated your talents and achieved success, both in and out of school. Example: "In addition to maintaining excellent grades, [Student] has always found time to explore their passion for music. Over the past four years, they've practiced diligently and earned a spot as the lead violinist in our city's youth orchestra. They've also given back to the community by teaching music lessons at a local after-school program, providing an opportunity for younger students to nurture their own musical interests."

Remember, the brag sheet is an opportunity for your counselor to get to know you better. By providing authentic anecdotes and emphasizing your unique qualities, your parents can help craft a recommendation that truly reflects who you are and what you bring to the table. Good luck!

7 months ago

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