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Brown's supplemental video: what to include?

Hey all! Does submitting a supplemental video to Brown give a significant advantage to my application? If yes, what should I include to make it stand out? A little lost here, any advice helps!

7 months ago

Submitting a supplemental video to Brown can be beneficial if it adds depth or a new perspective to your application, showcasing a talent or interest that hasn't been fully conveyed in other sections of your application. It's not a guarantee for a significant advantage, but it certainly allows the admissions committee to see a different side of you and can complement your overall application.

To make your video stand out, consider the following:

1. Focus on a specific talent, skill, or passion: Share an aspect of yourself that sets you apart from other applicants, and that hasn't been extensively covered in your application.

2. Keep it engaging and concise: Remember that admissions officers have limited time, so aim for a 1-2 minute video that captures their attention and gets to the point quickly.

3. Production quality matters: While you don't need to create a Hollywood-style production, make sure the video is well-lit, the sound is clear, and the editing is clean. Any text or graphics you include should be legible and match the tone of the video.

4. Be authentic: The best way to stand out is to be true to yourself. Showcase your personality, speak from the heart, and let your creativity shine.

For example, if you're an accomplished musician, you could film a performance of an original composition that demonstrates your skills and creativity. If you're passionate about community service, you could create a short documentary on a local project you initiated or led, highlighting its impact and your personal growth.

Remember, the supplemental video is an opportunity to add depth to your application and show the admissions committee another side of you. Focus on what makes you unique and present it in an engaging and well-produced video. Good luck!

7 months ago

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