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AP Computer Science A with no experience?

I've never taken a coding class before, but I'm really interested in learning. Is it possible to take AP Computer Science A with no prior programming experience, or should I start with a regular computer science class first?

7 months ago

It's totally possible to take AP Computer Science A with no prior programming experience. The course is designed as an introduction to computer programming, specifically focusing on the Java language. While having previous coding experience might make it a bit easier, students who are dedicated and willing to put in the time and effort into learning the material often find success in the course.

To help you feel more prepared, you could consider doing some self-study ahead of time, particularly if you're concerned about your programming skills. You can explore online resources, such as coding tutorials, YouTube videos, or Codecademy, to get some exposure to Java before the class starts.

When you get into the class, it's important to consistently practice coding and to ask questions when you need clarification. Forming a study group with classmates and working on projects together can also be helpful for reinforcing learning and staying motivated.

All in all, if you're genuinely interested in learning to code and willing to put in the work, you should be able to succeed in AP Computer Science A without previous coding experience. Just be prepared to dedicate time and effort to mastering the material, and be proactive with seeking extra help if needed.

7 months ago

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