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Difference between a degree and a major?

Hello! I'm just starting to explore college options, and I'm confused about the difference between a degree and a major. Can someone break it down for me?

7 months ago

Hello! Great question. A degree and a major are related, but they serve slightly different purposes in your college education.

A major is the specific discipline or field of study you choose to focus on during college. This includes a set of required courses and electives within that subject area, which make up a significant portion of your academic coursework. Examples of majors include biology, economics, psychology, English, and many others. Typically, you'll declare your major in your sophomore year, though some schools may require you to make the decision earlier or allow you to wait until later.

A degree, on the other hand, is the credential you receive upon completing your college education. The degree indicates that you have met all the requirements of your major and any general education or university requirements. There are different levels and types of degrees, with the first level being the associate degree or bachelor's degree (which are undergraduate degrees). The most common bachelor's degrees are Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS). BA degrees often cover humanities, social sciences, and arts majors, while BS degrees lean more towards sciences, math, and engineering majors. However, there can be some overlap between BA and BS designations depending on the school and specific programs.

So, in summary, your major is an area of specialization within your field of study, whereas your degree is the credential you earn upon completing your educational program. When you graduate, you'll have earned a degree (e.g., BA or BS) in your major (e.g., psychology or economics), which will be stated on your diploma.

I hope that clears up the difference between a degree and a major! Good luck with your college exploration!

7 months ago

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