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What does being waitlisted at a college really mean?

Hey everyone, I've been thinking about the possible outcomes for college applications, and I'm a bit unsure about what it means to be waitlisted. Can anyone explain the whole waitlist process?

7 months ago

Being waitlisted at a college means that the admissions committee finds you to be a qualified applicant but, due to space limitations, cannot offer you a place in the incoming class right away. Instead, you are placed on a waitlist, which is a sort of "reserve list" that the college may turn to if they have more spots to fill after the initial acceptance and commitment deadlines pass.

When a college waitlists you, they will usually notify you of your position on the waitlist, and some colleges may provide additional information about the likelihood of your admission from the waitlist. It's important to understand that being waitlisted is not the same as being accepted or rejected; it represents a possibility of being offered a spot later on.

Once you're on a waitlist, you will need to decide whether you want to remain on the waitlist by either accepting or declining the waitlist offer. If you wish to remain on the waitlist, it's a good idea to express continued interest in the college by writing a letter to update them on any accomplishments or new information since your initial application. Additionally, make sure to secure a spot at another college by accepting their admission offer and paying the enrollment deposit by the specified deadline - this ensures that you have a college to attend even if you don't get off the waitlist.

Waitlisted applicants may be offered admission if spots in the incoming class become available, usually after the commitment deadline (May 1st) has passed. The number of students who get off the waitlist varies greatly depending on the college and the year. However, it is generally a small percentage of the total waitlisted applicants, so it's important to manage your expectations and maintain a practical outlook.

7 months ago

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