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Writing a strong letter of continued interest for Duke?

Hey everyone, I just got deferred from Duke and I'm planning to write a letter of continued interest. Can anyone give me some tips or advice on what to include and how to make my LOCI stand out? Thank you!

7 months ago

I understand that being deferred can be disappointing, but writing a strong Letter of Continued Interest (LOCI) is a great idea as it can help convey your dedication to Duke and potentially improve your chances during regular decision. Here are some tips to help make your LOCI stand out:

1. Be concise and genuine: This is not the time to submit another essay, but to express your genuine interest in attending Duke and provide any relevant updates. Keep your LOCI to one page, ideally in the 300-500 word range.

2. Reiterate your interest: Start off by mentioning your appreciation for the opportunity to be considered during the regular decision process and emphasize that Duke remains your top choice school. Be specific about what draws you to Duke – academic programs, research opportunities, clubs and organizations, etc.

3. Share notable updates: If you have any new achievements, awards, or significant extracurricular activities since you submitted your application, make sure to mention them in your LOCI. This could include improved grades, test scores, leadership positions, publications, or accomplishments in sports/art/etc.

4. Connect your recent experiences to Duke: Explain how these new updates not only reflect your personal growth, but also how you envision utilizing these experiences to contribute to the Duke community. This shows that you've thought about how you fit in at Duke and how your interests align with the opportunities available there.

5. Address any shortcomings: If you believe there were any weaknesses in your original application that you can now address, take this opportunity to provide context or demonstrate how you have improved in those areas.

6. Proofread: Make sure your LOCI is well-written and free of errors. This is your chance to make a strong impression, so polish your writing and consider having a trusted adult or friend review it for feedback.

7. Be timely: Send your LOCI as soon as possible but give yourself enough time to thoughtfully craft your letter. Waiting too long might indicate a lack of enthusiasm, while rushing may result in a poorly-written letter.

As you craft your LOCI, remember to be genuine and share updates that reflect your continued growth and passion for Duke. This will help show the admissions committee not only your dedication to the school, but also that you have something valuable to offer the community. Good luck!

7 months ago

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