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Navigating American University's essay prompts

I'm applying to American University and noticed they have a few essay prompts to choose from. Can anyone who has experience with their application share some tips or insights on how to approach these prompts? Thanks!

7 months ago

Hello! It's great that you're applying to American University, and I'm glad you're seeking advice on their essay prompts. While I can't share personal experiences, I can certainly provide some general tips to help you navigate and tackle these prompts effectively.

1. Give yourself time: Start brainstorming and working on the essays early, so you have ample time to revise and polish your drafts. You'll want your essays to reflect your best effort, creativity, and clarity.

2. Read the prompts carefully: Understand the question being asked in each prompt. Take note of specific keywords or themes, and make sure your response addresses those elements.

3. Be genuine: Write about experiences, opinions, or goals that are true to who you are. Authenticity catches the reader's attention and helps convey your unique perspective.

4. Be specific and use examples: Don't just state an opinion or make a claim; use concrete examples to illustrate your point. This makes your essay more engaging and better supports the points you want to convey.

5. Reflect and analyze: For prompts that require personal experiences or opinions, don't just recount the story; focus on providing insight into what you learned, how it impacted you, or how it shaped your beliefs and values.

6. Write with a clear structure: Organize your thoughts logically and use well-structured paragraphs to guide the reader through your response. This will keep your essay clear and cohesive.

7. Show, don't tell: Use engaging language, anecdotes, or vivid descriptions to help the reader visualize and experience the situation you're writing about. This can make the essay more impactful and memorable.

8. Edit and proofread: Finally, revise your work multiple times, focusing on improving the writing, organization, and clarity of your response. Double-check for correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling to submit a polished essay.

Approach the American University essay prompts with the same strategies you would use for any other college application essays. Reflect on your personal experiences, think critically about your ideas, and be genuine in conveying who you are. Good luck with your essays and application!

7 months ago

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