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BC vs BU: How to Choose?

Hey fellow juniors, I'm currently trying to decide between Boston College (BC) and Boston University (BU). Both seem to have great programs, but I just can't decide which one to prioritize on my application list. Can anyone provide some insight into the campus life, academics, and pros/cons of each school? Thanks!

7 months ago

Hi there! Both Boston College (BC) and Boston University (BU) are fantastic institutions, and choosing one over the other really depends on your personal preferences and what you're looking for in a college experience. I'll try to help break down some key differences between the two for you.

Campus Life:

BC has a suburban campus in Chestnut Hill with beautiful Gothic architecture, giving it a more traditional, picturesque college feel. It has a smaller student population, allowing for a more close-knit community.

BU, on the other hand, is located in the heart of Boston with an urban campus that stretches along Commonwealth Avenue. Its more metropolitan setting means greater access to cultural and entertainment options in the city.

Academics: Both schools offer strong academic programs. However, they have some differences in focus and strength.

BC is known for its liberal arts education and strong programs in business, education, nursing, and communications. Additionally, it is a Jesuit institution, which means it emphasizes personal growth, social justice, and a well-rounded education.

BU is larger, and thus has a broader range of programs, with notable strengths in engineering, communications, and business. The university also offers more research opportunities and has a reputation for being more career-oriented, which could be helpful if you have a specific profession in mind.

Overall, here are the pros and cons of each school:

BC Pros - tight-knit community, beautiful campus, strong liberal arts focus

BC Cons - less urban setting, potentially less diverse social scene

BU Pros - urban campus, diverse social scene, access to research opportunities

BU Cons - larger student population, potentially less focus on a well-rounded education

Ultimately, your choice between BC and BU will depend on what environment you see yourself thriving in, the academic programs that align with your interests, and the type of social life you're looking for. I would recommend visiting both campuses (if possible) to get a feel for each, and speaking with current students to hear their personal experiences and get a more firsthand sense of what your life at each school would look like. Best of luck with your applications!

7 months ago

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