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AP English Exam 2024: What Should I Expect?

Hey guys! I'm currently a junior and planning to take the AP English exam in 2024. Any tips on what I should expect, in terms of format, scoring, or resources to study for it? Would really appreciate any input!

7 months ago

Hi there! Great choice to take the AP English exam. I assume you mean either AP English Language and Composition or AP English Literature and Composition. Let's talk about both.

AP English Language and Composition:

The exam format consists of two sections - multiple-choice and free-response. The multiple-choice section (45 questions, 60 minutes) tests your ability to analyze rhetoric in various texts. The free-response section (3 questions, 2 hours and 15 minutes) has you write essays that reflect your understanding of rhetorical and analytical concepts.

AP English Literature and Composition:

Similar to the Language exam, the Literature exam has two sections: multiple-choice and free-response. The multiple-choice section (55 questions, 60 minutes) evaluates your ability to analyze literary texts. The free-response section (3 questions, 2 hours) consists of prose analysis, poetry analysis, and a literary argument essay.

Scoring for both exams happens on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest score. The multiple-choice section accounts for 45% of your total score, and the free-response section accounts for 55%.

For study resources, start by checking the College Board website to find the official course descriptions and sample questions. Since you're already taking the courses, your teachers will also likely provide you with textbooks that cover the content.

Supplementary materials may also be beneficial, such as AP review books or study guides from reputable sources. Don't forget practice tests, which your teacher also might have - they're essential for understanding the exam format and gauging where you stand. Remember, success on the exam comes with mastering the subject matter, but also with refining your test-taking strategies and time management skills, and practice tests are the best way to refine your more intangible abilities.

In addition to these resources, you may want to consider participating in a study group with your classmates. Also, make the most out of the feedback your teachers provide on your essays - they've helped many past students successfully prepare for this exam!

I hope this helps you prepare for your AP English exam. Best of luck and happy studying!

7 months ago

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