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Advice on writing Common App transfer essay?

I'm considering transferring to another college and I need to write an essay for the Common App transfer application. Any tips or examples of successful transfer essays would be super helpful!

7 months ago

When writing a transfer essay for the Common App, it's important to clearly explain why you want to transfer and what you hope to achieve at your new school. Here are some tips to help you craft a compelling transfer essay:

1. Clearly state your reasons for transferring: Begin by discussing the reasons why you're considering transfer, including any limitations at your current school, challenges you've faced, academic and personal growth, and new goals you want to pursue.

2. Show knowledge of your desired school: Do some research on your prospective college and mention specific programs, resources, or opportunities that attract you to the institution. This shows that you're not only focused on leaving your current school but are also excited about the new opportunities available at your desired institution.

3. Highlight your achievements and growth: Use your essay as an opportunity to showcase your accomplishments and how you've grown during your time at your current school. Explain how these experiences have shaped your goals and how transferring will help you achieve them.

4. Be honest, but constructive: When discussing your reasons for transferring, focus on positive aspirations rather than negative views of your current school. Constructive criticism is fine, but avoid sounding resentful or bitter.

5. Create a narrative: Your essay should tell a story to engage the reader and help them better understand your journey. Begin with your reasons for transferring, then discuss your academic and personal growth at your current institution, and finally explain why the new school aligns with your goals.

6. Stay focused and concise: Stick to a clear, central theme and avoid digressing too much. Keep your essay within the word limit provided by the Common App.

For example, suppose you discovered your passion lies in environmental studies, but your current college lacks such a program. You could write about why the new college's environmental studies program attracts you, mentioning specific courses, research opportunities, or extracurricular activities related to your interests.

You could also discuss how your experiences at your current institution have led you to realize your passion and shaped your goals for the future, and why you believe the new college will better support those goals.

Remember that each transfer essay is unique—focus on your own journey and experiences. With a clear narrative, solid reasons for transferring, and a demonstration of genuine interest in your desired school, your essay should stand out among the competition.

7 months ago

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