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Searching for Free Summer Programs for High Schoolers

Hey everyone, are there any free summer programs for us high schoolers out there? I'm looking to explore different fields and find my interests. Any help would be appreciated!

7 months ago

Hey there! Absolutely, there are several free summer programs available to high school students. You can explore a variety of interests, ranging from science and technology to arts and humanities. Here are a few options you may find interesting:

1. MIT Online Science, Technology, and Engineering Community (MOSTEC) — This six-month online program offers webinars, online courses, and a final project in one of several STEM topics, such as aerospace engineering, biotechnology, or computer programming.

2. Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program — This is a free, 2-week virtual program, targeted specifically for girls and non-binary students in 9th-11th grade interested in computer science.

3. Yale Young Global Scholars — YYGS provides need-based scholarships for their two-week summer program, which offers interdisciplinary study and academic enrichment, focusing on topics like literature, history, philosophy, and social issues.

4. Carnegie Mellon Summer Academy for Math and Science (SAMS) — This is a six-week residential program focused on math, science, and engineering. It's available free of charge for high-achieving students from underrepresented backgrounds.

5. Bank of America Student Leaders Program — This program lasts eight weeks, and it offers a paid internship at a local nonprofit organization and participation in a national leadership summit.

Also check out this CollegeVine article for more opportunities: https://blog.collegevine.com/most-prestigious-summer-programs-for-high-school-students

Remember that many of these programs are highly competitive, so start preparing your application early and gather all the necessary documents. Additionally, always check the specific admissions requirements and deadlines for the programs you're interested in. Make sure you apply to multiple programs to maximize your chances of getting accepted to at least one of them. Good luck!

7 months ago

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