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Choosing your favorite word and why - essay prompt help

I got an essay prompt asking me to talk about my favorite word and why it's my favorite. I'm kind of stuck on this one. How do I combine my love for the word with meaningful examples that reflect my personality and interests? Any tips?

7 months ago

It's essential to approach this essay prompt creatively, allowing your passion for the chosen word to shine through while showcasing your personality and interests. Here are some tips to help you craft a compelling essay:

1. Choose a unique word: Select a word that holds personal significance and is not an obvious or common choice. By doing this, you'll engage the reader and showcase your thought process.

2. Reflect on your connection: Consider why this word resonates with you. What memories or experiences are associated with it? How does it relate to your interests, values, or goals? Dive deep into your thoughts to create a strong emotional connection.

3. Use anecdotes: Incorporate anecdotes that show the importance of the word in your life. For example, if your word is "resilience," you could discuss a time when you faced a significant challenge and how you bounced back from it. These stories will help illustrate why the word holds meaning for you.

4. Link to your character: Explain how the word represents an aspect of your personality, beliefs, or passions. For instance, perhaps your favorite word is "curiosity," and this trait has driven your choice to pursue a challenging academic path or explore new hobbies.

5. Connect to your future: Explain how your love for the word relates to your future goals and aspirations. If your chosen word is "empathy," discuss how you hope to use this quality in your college experience and beyond, such as pursuing a career in social work or volunteering in your community.

6. Show, don't tell: Instead of stating outright that you love the word, demonstrate your affinity through your writing style, tone, and examples. Use vivid language and descriptions to make your essay engaging and memorable.

7. Edit and revise: Review your essay several times to ensure it effectively conveys your message and passion for the word. Ensure the structure flows smoothly, the grammar and punctuation are accurate, and your language is clear and concise.

Remember, the goal of this essay prompt is to showcase your creative thinking, self-awareness, and depth of character. By choosing a meaningful word and connecting it to your life through compelling anecdotes and insights, you have the potential to leave a lasting impression on the admissions committee.

7 months ago

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