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Trig knowledge for calculus?

Hey everyone! I'm thinking about taking calculus next year, and I'm wondering if it's necessary to have a strong foundation in trigonometry before I do so. If so, should I focus on learning trig during the summer to prepare for calculus?

7 months ago

Hello! It's definitely helpful to have a solid foundation in trigonometry before taking calculus, as some of the topics in calculus will require you to apply concepts from trigonometry. However, the extent to which you'll need trig knowledge can vary depending on the specific calculus course you take, as some will have a heavier emphasis on trigonometric functions, while others will focus more on algebraic concepts.

With that in mind, strengthening your trig knowledge during the summer can help you feel more prepared and confident once you start calculus. It's a good idea to focus on key concepts such as the unit circle, trigonometric functions, identities, and solving trigonometric equations. You should also ensure you are comfortable with algebraic manipulation, as it will play a significant role in calculus.

Additionally, when you start your calculus course, make sure to consistently practice and review material, and ask questions when you're unsure of a concept. This will help you stay on top of the material and reinforce your knowledge. Best of luck with your preparations!

7 months ago

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