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Easy AP Classes?

Yo, I'm trying to bump up my class rigor for my senior year, but I'd also like to avoid stressing out too much. Can y'all suggest some of the easier AP classes to take? Thanks a bunch!

7 months ago

Hey there! It's great that you're looking to increase your class rigor while also managing your stress levels. While the "easiest" AP classes may vary depending on your interests and strengths, here are some that are generally considered to be less demanding:

1. AP Environmental Science: This course covers a variety of topics, but many students find the content easy to grasp and the workload manageable.

2. AP Psychology: Students tend to enjoy learning about the topic and find the content straightforward.

3. AP Human Geography: This course dives into the interaction between humans and the earth, and students often find it fascinating and not too difficult.

4. AP Art History: If you enjoy art and history, this might be easier for you compared to more traditional AP courses.

That said, keep in mind that "easier" is subjective and depends on your strengths, interests, and the quality of teaching at your school. It's important to pick courses you'll actually enjoy and be engaged in, as this will make them feel less burdensome. Also, consider talking to your peers or school counselor to get a better understanding of which AP courses at your school are typically seen as less demanding. Good luck!

7 months ago

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