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QuestBridge College Partnership: How does it work?

Hey everyone, I've been seeing a lot of talk about QuestBridge College Prep Scholars (CPS), and I'm wondering how the partnership works with colleges? What kind of benefits could I expect if I apply through QuestBridge instead of the Common App?

6 months ago

QuestBridge is a non-profit organization that connects high-achieving, low-income students with a network of top-tier colleges and universities through the College Prep Scholars (CPS) and National College Match (NCM) programs.

The College Prep Scholars program helps qualified high school juniors by providing resources and support, such as college admissions counseling, access to online prep materials for the SAT/ACT, and invitations to attend college conferences. It's important to note that CPS is not an application to a specific college, but rather a support program to better prepare students for college applications.

The National College Match (NCM) is a college admissions and scholarship program, where students rank up to 12 QuestBridge partner schools they wish to attend. If a student is "matched" with one of their ranked schools, they will receive a full scholarship that covers tuition, room and board, and other expenses. Applying through NCM is binding: if matched to a college, the student must attend. Additionally, being a QuestBridge finalist does not guarantee a full scholarship but does demonstrate strong qualifications.

There are several benefits to applying through QuestBridge instead of the Common App, including:

1. Fee waivers: QuestBridge application is free, and partner schools will typically waive their application fees for QuestBridge applicants.

2. Full scholarships: The chance to be "matched" to a partner school for a full scholarship, covering all expenses.

3. Peer network: Joining a supportive community of fellow scholars, alumni, and resources.

4. Application distinction: QuestBridge finalists are recognized as high-achieving, low-income students, presenting a unique chance to demonstrate your achievements and potential in the context of your background.

5. Streamlined application: Some schools might accept the QuestBridge application for Regular Decision even if you're not matched, allowing you to apply with a single application to multiple schools.

Keep in mind that you're not restricted to apply only through QuestBridge. You can use the Common App or Coalition App alongside the QuestBridge application if you choose to. However, be aware of the binding nature of the NCM and each college's rules regarding applying through multiple platforms.

In conclusion, QuestBridge can provide substantial benefits for qualified low-income students, from fee waivers to a supportive network and potential full scholarships. Make sure to research the programs they offer and determine if it's the right route for your unique college application journey.

6 months ago

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