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Tips for writing MIT admissions essays?

Hey, I'm starting to work on my MIT application, and I could use some advice on writing the admissions essays. Are there specific topics they prefer or any common mistakes to avoid? Any tips or experiences would be greatly appreciated!

6 months ago

Hi there! Great to see that you're tackling the MIT essays. Here are some tips to help you create impactful essays:

1. Be authentic: MIT values a student's authenticity over a well-crafted narrative, so be honest, and share your genuine thoughts and experiences. Don't try crafting a story you think the admissions officers want to hear.

2. Write concisely: MIT essays have word limits, which force you to be concise and direct. Make sure every sentence adds value and moves your story along.

3. Show, don't tell: Instead of stating that you're a good problem-solver, give examples of how you've solved problems in the past by mentioning specific projects, challenges, or situations.

4. Demonstrate passion: Share your passion for your chosen field, and how you've pursued it outside the classroom. Whether it was through competitions, projects, or personal interests, make your dedication clear.

5. Talk about collaboration: MIT highly values collaboration and teamwork, so mention instances where you've worked well on a team or helped others achieve success.

6. Avoid cliche topics: Make sure your essay is unique and stands out from the typical essays discussing sports achievements or overcoming adversity. Be down-to-earth and genuine in your storytelling.

7. Customize for MIT: When discussing why you want to attend MIT, don't use generic reasons. Research the programs, clubs, or resources offered at MIT and explain how these opportunities align with your goals.

8. Showcase your intellectual curiosity: MIT looks for students who are eager to learn and explore new ideas. Share how you've pursued your interests, and what you're looking to learn or accomplish at MIT.

9. Address each essay prompt: MIT has a number of different essay prompts, so make sure to address each one individually and thoughtfully. This will give admissions officers a comprehensive view of who you are and what you’ll bring to MIT.

10. Proofread and revise: Give yourself enough time to revisit your essays multiple times, and ask others for feedback. A polished essay free from errors and inconsistencies will leave a positive impression.

6 months ago

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