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Canceling AP scores after June 15?

Hey guys, I've been thinking, is it still possible to cancel my AP scores even after the June 15 deadline? I'm not feeling too confident about my performance on this year's tests and I don't want them to affect my college applications.

6 months ago

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel AP scores after the June 15 deadline. However, you should know that AP scores are not a significant factor in the college admissions process. Colleges mainly use AP scores for course placement and granting college credit once you're accepted. The important aspect of taking AP courses is the rigor of your schedule and your performance in the classes themselves.

Additionally, most colleges will not hold a low AP score against you in the admissions process. They understand that students have different strengths and sometimes struggle with certain subjects or exams. If you're concerned about how your AP scores will be perceived, keep in mind that you can choose which scores to send to colleges when you're applying. You're not required to send all of your AP scores, so you can simply withhold a lower score that you feel might not represent your abilities well.

6 months ago

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