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Persuasive speech topics for high school?

Hey guys, I need to come up with a strong, engaging topic for an upcoming persuasive speech for my high school English class. Would love to hear your ideas! What topics did you find interesting or compelling when you had to give a persuasive speech?

6 months ago

Hey there! It's great that you're looking for fresh ideas for your persuasive speech. Here are a few topics that I've seen garner a lot of interest and spark engaging discussions:

1. Should schools implement a year-round education calendar?

2. Is standardized testing an effective measure of student achievement?

3. Should college tuition be free for everyone?

4. Are social media platforms doing enough to protect users' privacy?

5. Should teenagers have a legal curfew?

6. Does the grading system need an overhaul to be more equitable?

7. Are school dress codes fair and necessary?

8. Should cell phone use be allowed/banned in schools?

Remember to choose a topic that you're passionate or curious about, as this will make your speech even more convincing. Also, consider tailoring your topic to your audience—think about what issues your classmates might find particularly relevant or interesting. Good luck with your speech!

6 months ago

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