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Pre-dental classes in high school

I'm considering a career in dentistry. Which classes should I take in high school to best prepare myself for a pre-dental track in college? Are there any extracurriculars or clubs I should join to build my experiences?

6 months ago

It's excellent that you're planning ahead for a career in dentistry. To best prepare yourself for a pre-dental track in college, focus on taking rigorous science and math courses in high school. Some recommended courses include:

1. Biology and advanced biology courses (e.g., AP/IB Biology)

2. Chemistry and advanced chemistry courses (e.g., AP/IB Chemistry)

3. Physics (preferably advanced level, like AP/IB Physics)

4. Mathematics (Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus)

In addition to these core subjects, consider taking courses related to human anatomy, physiology, and health, if your school offers them. They will not only provide a solid foundation for your future studies but also demonstrate your interest in healthcare to college admissions committees.

For extracurriculars, consider involving yourself in activities that display your passion for dentistry and healthcare. Some options include:

1. Volunteering at dental clinics or hospitals to gain hands-on experience

2. Shadowing a dentist to learn more about the field and gain insights

3. Joining or starting a pre-health, science, or dental club at your school

4. Participating in summer programs or internships focused on healthcare, dental research, or dental practices

5. Engaging in community service or outreach projects that promote oral health

Remember, it's not just about the number of activities you participate in but the depth and commitment you demonstrate in them. Focusing on a few meaningful extracurriculars will have more of an impact than spreading yourself thin across multiple areas.

Lastly, keep your grades up and maintain a strong academic record, as dental schools will expect a solid academic background. Balancing rigorous coursework and meaningful extracurricular involvement will help you build a strong foundation for your pre-dental track in college. Good luck on your journey!

6 months ago

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