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Is AP Stats good for pre-med students?

Hi everyone, I'm a junior and I'm planning on going the pre-med route. I'm trying to decide between taking AP Stats and another AP science class. How helpful is AP Stats for someone who wants to go into medicine? Thanks!

6 months ago

Hello! As a pre-med student, your focus should primarily be on building a strong foundation in the sciences, as these are the subjects that will be most relevant to your medical studies and future career. That being said, AP Statistics can still be valuable to a pre-med student, as statistics plays a significant role in understanding medical research and clinical trials.

If you've already taken or plan on taking other core AP sciences courses (AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics), then considering AP Stats as an additional class could be beneficial for you. However, if you need to choose between AP Stats and a core science course, I would recommend prioritizing the science course, as this will be more directly relevant to your pre-med goals.

Moreover, participating in science-related extracurriculars (research, internships, or volunteering at a hospital) and maintaining a strong overall academic performance are also important factors to consider as a pre-med student. Ultimately, make sure you strike a good balance between your coursework, extracurricular involvement, and personal interests. Good luck with your course selection!

6 months ago

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