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Nation Leadership Forum - Is it legit?

Hey everybody! I recently got invited to the Nation Leadership Forum, and I was wondering if anyone has attended or has any experience with it? Is it worth the cost, and will it help me with college admissions? Thanks in advance!

6 months ago

Hey there! The National Leadership Forum is a program that provides students with leadership skills and experiences that could be beneficial for their personal development. However, it's essential to consider the cost and whether attending this event would significantly impact your college admissions chances.

In terms of college admissions, participating in the National Leadership Forum might not hold as much weight as other extracurricular activities that demonstrate more sustained involvement or higher achievements. Colleges usually look for activities that show a long-term commitment and have a significant impact on your community or a specific field. Given that the National Leadership Forum is an event you'd attend for a short amount of time, it doesn't demonstrate that much commitment. It could be a valuable experience, but it might not be as impressive to admissions committees compared to continuous involvement in a club, organization, or sport.

That being said, if the forum offers unique learning or networking opportunities in an area you're interested in or passionate about, it might be worth considering. However, if your primary goal is to attend this event to boost your college application, you might want to focus on other impactful extracurriculars instead.

6 months ago

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