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Number of Letters of Recommendation for USC

I'm applying to USC, and I'm a bit confused about the letters of recommendation requirement. How many letters should I submit for my application? Are there any specific guidelines I should follow regarding who the letters come from?

6 months ago

USC requires one letter of recommendation from a teacher or a school counselor. This letter should be from someone who knows you well academically, can speak to your intellectual abilities, and has had meaningful interactions with you. While some schools may allow or encourage additional letters of recommendation, USC specifically states that one is sufficient and prefers that applicants adhere to this guideline.

Remember to follow the deadlines for submitting your letter of recommendation, which should align with the rest of your application. For USC, the deadline for the Common Application and all required materials, including the letter of recommendation, is November 1st for Early Decision and January 15th for Regular Decision. Good luck with your application!

6 months ago

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