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San Antonio high school internships?

Hi all! I'm a junior living in San Antonio and I'm eager to find an internship opportunity this summer. Any recommendations for internships for high school students in San Antonio? Your input is greatly appreciated!

6 months ago

Hello! It's great that you're looking to gain some experience through an internship during your summer break. San Antonio offers a variety of opportunities for high-school students, so you can likely find something that relates to your interests. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) offers internships to students in various fields like engineering, science, and technology. They offer a comprehensive program designed for high school students who are interested in research and development.

2. San Antonio Zoo provides internships for students passionate about wildlife conservation and animal care. Interns have the chance to work closely with zoo staff and learn about animal husbandry, education, and conservation.

3. The Witte Museum has internship opportunities in fields like history, science, and art. As an intern, you may work on exhibit research, educational programming, or other museum-related projects.

4. Tech companies in San Antonio, such as H-E-B's digital department, have internships that expose high school students to the world of technology and innovation.

5. San Antonio's local government often has internships or volunteer opportunities for high school students in various city departments, so be sure to check out their website for potential openings.

To find more opportunities, I recommend reaching out to your high school counselor or career center for any local internships they might be aware of. Networking within your community, such as connecting with local businesses, nonprofits, and organizations, can also help you find internships tailored to your interests. Best of luck on your internship search! Enjoy your summer experience and make the most of it.

6 months ago

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