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IB English Paper 2 length

Hey everyone! I'm an IB student and I've been preparing for my English Paper 2. I'm just wondering how long is the IB English Paper 2? I want to make sure I'm allocating enough time to effectively write my responses. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

6 months ago

Hello! As an IB student, it's essential to know the requirements of each exam. For English Paper 2, the exam duration is 1 hour and 30 minutes. Paper 2 is a comparative essay in which you will analyze, compare, and contrast at least two texts that you have studied during your course, focusing on a specific question provided.

To effectively use your time, it's important to allocate a few minutes to planning your essay, making sure you have a solid thesis that addresses the question, comparison points for the texts, and supporting evidence from the readings. During the writing process, manage your time to ensure that you have enough to develop your points thoroughly and to revise and edit your essay at the end. It's also helpful to practice writing under timed conditions to gauge your current writing speed and identify any areas where you can improve.

Preparing for Paper 2 requires a good understanding of the texts you've studied, so be sure to reread them, take notes, and engage in discussions about themes, characters, and literary techniques with your peers or teacher. Best of luck with your IB English Paper 2 preparation!

6 months ago

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