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Is National Honors Society worth joining or just a scam?

Hey everyone! I've recently been offered an invitation to join the National Honors Society, but I've heard some mixed opinions about it. Is it really a prestigious organization to be a part of, or just another pay-to-play scam? Would it add any value to my college applications?

6 months ago

Congratulations on your invitation to the National Honors Society (NHS)! In general, NHS is not a scam, but a well-recognized and respected organization. However, its impact on your college application can vary depending on your unique situation and personal involvements.

NHS can be a great opportunity if you take advantage of its networking, community service, and leadership offerings. Engaging in projects, initiatives, and fundraising can show colleges your level of commitment and sense of responsibility. Additionally, some local chapters might offer you access to personalized resources, such as scholarships and exclusive events.

However, you should consider that the value of NHS on your college application could be diminished if you only join as a basic member. The mere membership itself may not impress admissions officers since many high-achieving students also join the society. To make your involvement stand out, it is important that you take a proactive role and participate in activities, or even better, pursue leadership positions within the organization.

Keep in mind that colleges value quality over quantity in terms of extracurriculars, so it's important to focus on personal growth and achievements rather than simply collecting memberships.

Ultimately, whether NHS is worth joining depends on your personal interests and how actively you plan to participate. If you're genuinely interested in the opportunities it provides and get involved in projects or assume leadership roles, NHS can absolutely benefit your college application. On the other hand, if you're only interested in adding another extracurricular to your list without engaging much, you may want to prioritize other activities that align better with your passions.

Good luck in deciding whether or not to join NHS!

6 months ago

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