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Thoughts on the Lumiere Research Scholar Program?

Hey guys! So I recently stumbled upon the Lumiere Research Scholar Program and I'm considering applying. But before I do, I want to hear from people who have participated in it. Can anyone here share their experience and thoughts on the program? Were the research opportunities and mentors good? Just wanna make sure it's worth the effort and time. TIA!

6 months ago

Hello there! I've heard some positive feedback about the Lumiere Research Scholar Program from students who have participated in it. The program is designed to provide high school students with a unique research experience, working alongside experienced mentors in various fields.

The majority of participants found that the program offered a valuable opportunity to engage in meaningful research projects and expand their understanding of the subject matter. They appreciated the guidance provided by their mentors and felt that the connections they made with professionals in the field were invaluable. Additionally, many believed that their experience in the program helped strengthen their college applications, as it demonstrated their dedication to academic pursuits and research.

However, like any program, your experience will largely depend on the specific project you're assigned to and the mentor you're paired with. It's important to communicate your interests and expectations with the program organizers to ensure you get the most out of your experience.

Best of luck, and I hope you find the program to be a beneficial experience if you decide to apply!

6 months ago

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