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Looking for Parent Brag Sheet Examples

My school counselor asked my parents to fill out a parent brag sheet for my college recommendations. Could anybody provide examples of good parent brag sheets or give guidance on what they should include?

6 months ago

Of course! A parent brag sheet is an opportunity for your parents to provide your counselor with additional insights and highlight your strengths, interests, and achievements. Here's an outline of a good parent brag sheet and some guidance on what your parents might include in each section:

1. Introduction:

- Briefly introduce you as their child (name, grade, etc.)

- Share their excitement and pride in your college application journey

2. Personal Qualities and Characteristics:

- Mention the qualities that make you unique and stand out (e.g., resilience, curiosity, empathy)

- Share examples or anecdotes to illustrate these traits (e.g., a time when you faced a challenge and overcame it, or how you demonstrated empathy in a volunteer project)

3. Academic Accomplishments:

- Highlight your most notable academic achievements (e.g., high grades, honors, or awards)

- Emphasize any academic challenges you have faced and how you've overcome them (e.g., moving schools and adapting to a new curriculum)

4. Extracurricular Activities:

- Detail your involvement in extracurricular activities, focusing on the ones you've had significant commitment to and have shown growth in

- Include any leadership roles or achievements in these activities (e.g., team captain, president of a club, organizing a successful event)

5. Unique Contributions and Impact:

- Describe how your particular talents, interests, or accomplishments have made a positive impact on others (e.g., tutoring peers, leading school initiatives, or volunteering in the community)

- Share any experiences where you have taken initiative in improving the school or local community (e.g., starting a recycling program or organizing a fundraiser)

6. Outside Experience or Travel:

- Highlight any unique experiences or travel opportunities that have shaped your growth and development (e.g., study abroad, volunteer trips, or family trips with a cultural impact)

7. Closing Thoughts:

- Offer some final insights or reflections on your potential for success and personal growth in college

- Express their confidence in your ability to succeed and contribute positively to a college community

It's important to remind your parents that while they should be proud and positive in their descriptions, they should aim for a balance between celebrating your accomplishments and providing a genuine, realistic portrayal of you as a student and person. Including specific examples and anecdotes will help support their insights and make the brag sheet more compelling to your counselor.

Finally, if you want further guidance on how your parents should fill out the brag sheet, check out CollegeVine's blog post on this topic: https://blog.collegevine.com/parent-brag-sheet. Good luck!

6 months ago

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