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Guaranteed Transfer at Boston University?

Hey! I came across something called a 'guaranteed transfer' at Boston University, and I'm curious to know more about it. What exactly is a guaranteed transfer, and what are the requirements to qualify for this program? Any help is appreciated!

6 months ago

Hello! A guaranteed transfer at Boston University (BU) is an alternative pathway for students who are not directly admitted into the University during the regular decision process. Instead, students receive an offer of guaranteed admission for the following academic year, provided they meet certain requirements during their freshman year at another accredited college or university.

Typically, the requirements for guaranteed transfer students include:

1. Enrolling full-time in an accredited college or university in the fall after high school graduation. This means that you'll be required to attend another institution for your first year of college.

2. Completing a minimum number of credits (usually around 30) during your freshman year, with a specific GPA (usually 3.0 or higher). The exact number of credits and GPA requirement may vary, so you'll need to refer to the guarantee transfer agreement provided by BU for the specific details.

3. Completing specific courses that are aligned with BU's general education requirements. This ensures that you're meeting the core academic requirements before transferring to BU.

4. Submitting an application during the designated application period for guaranteed transfer students, which typically falls between November and March the following year. BU will provide specific deadlines and application instructions.

Please be aware that guaranteed transfer students are not eligible for on-campus housing during their first semester at BU. However, they may apply for on-campus housing for the subsequent semesters.

Keep in mind that guaranteed transfer offers can be an excellent opportunity for students who may have narrowly missed direct admission into BU. It allows you to prove your academic abilities at another institution while still having a secured spot at BU in the following year, provided you meet all the given requirements.

Good luck, and I hope this helps you understand BU's guaranteed transfer program!

6 months ago

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