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Need help with my IB Math AA IA!

I'm starting to brainstorm ideas for my IB Math AA IA, but I'm hitting a wall. Could any of you share some examples or even just unique topics that you've come across? It would help a ton in getting my creative juices flowing!

6 months ago

I understand that brainstorming can be challenging, but I'm glad you're looking for inspiration! Here are a few unique topics to explore for your IB Math AA IA:

1. Cryptography: Analyze encryption methods, such as the Caesar cipher or the Enigma machine, used in cryptography to understand their mathematical principles.

2. Casino Gaming Strategies: Examine various wagering techniques and probability theory used in gambling, and determine their effectiveness in providing an advantage.

3. Fractals and their Applications: Study the mathematics behind fractals, like the Mandelbrot set, and investigate their use in fields such as computer graphics or art.

4. Fibonacci Sequence and Nature: Scrutinize the occurrence of Fibonacci numbers in natural phenomena, like the arrangement of leaves on a plant or the growth of a sunflower.

5. Game Theory: Delve into mathematical models of decision-making and apply game theory to everyday scenarios or competitive strategy (e.g., prisoner's dilemma, Nash equilibrium).

6. Predictive Models for Human Health: Investigate multivariable regression used in healthcare to predict and analyze health outcomes based on various patient data (e.g., determining risk factors for certain diseases).

7. Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning: Understand how algorithms in machine learning can identify patterns, trends, or correlations within large data sets (e.g., voice recognition, facial recognition).

8. Möbius Strip and Topology: Investigate the intriguing properties of the Möbius strip and other topological concepts with real-world applications (e.g., network routing optimizations, how ants find the shortest path to food).

9. Physics-based Simulations: Delve into the use of mathematical models to simulate the physical world, such as fluid dynamics (e.g., water flow) and planetary motion.

10. Traffic Flow and Optimization: Study how mathematical models can be used to understand and improve vehicular traffic flow and control traffic congestion.

Remember, the key is to select a topic that you're passionate about and feel motivated to research in-depth. Take the time to explore various ideas, and don't be afraid to consult your instructor or peers for guidance during the brainstorming process. Good luck with your IB Math AA IA!

6 months ago

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