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Foreign language requirement in high school?

Do most colleges want to see that you've taken a foreign language during high school? How many years do they typically require for admission?

6 months ago

Yes, most colleges value having a foreign language on your high school transcript, as it demonstrates your interest in learning about different cultures, the ability to communicate with diverse groups of people, and increases your overall academic rigor. The number of years a college prefers to see on your transcript varies by institution, but generally, colleges like to see a minimum of two years of a foreign language, while more competitive schools might expect at least three or even four years.

For example, many state universities might be content with two years of study in a foreign language, while more selective private colleges and Ivy League institutions often prefer three years of study in the same language, and four is better - these schools are so competitive that you always want to shoot above their stated requirements. It's essential to research the specific colleges you're interested in applying to so you can get a clearer idea of their expectations.

Supplementing your in-school language learning with extracurricular activities or projects where you can use your language skills or showcase a passion for that culture—such as language clubs, cultural exchange programs, or volunteering with immigrant communities—can further strengthen your application and help you stand out to admissions officers. That being said, always prioritize your primary interests and prioritize an in-depth commitment (your "spike") in one area over a more generalized, well-rounded approach. So, if your language studies aren't a huge part of your profile, it may not make sense to spend a ton of extracurricular time on them.

In summary, study a foreign language for at least two years during high school to meet most college requirements, while aiming for three to four years if you're targeting more competitive schools. Be sure to research each college's specific expectations to tailor your high school curriculum accordingly. Happy language learning!

6 months ago

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