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National Merit Commended - Worth It?

Hey guys! So, I just received my PSAT scores and became a National Merit Commended Scholar. Is it worth mentioning on college applications? And does it have any benefits, like scholarships or recognition?

6 months ago

Congratulations on becoming a National Merit Commended Scholar! While it's not quite as prestigious as being a National Merit Semifinalist or Finalist, it's still an achievement worth mentioning on your college applications. It demonstrates your academic ability, especially in regard to standardized testing.

In terms of benefits, being a Commended Scholar may not directly result in scholarships or financial aid, as most of those benefits are reserved for Semifinalists or Finalists. However, some colleges and universities do take note of Commended Scholars during the application review process and may consider it as a positive factor in their decision-making. In addition, some private scholarships or local organizations may recognize this achievement and offer small scholarships specifically for Commended Scholars.

Although being a National Merit Commended Scholar isn't as significant as being a Semifinalist or Finalist, it's still a great accomplishment to include in the honors or awards section on your college applications. It showcases your academic strengths and helps distinguish you from other applicants in a competitive pool. Congrats again on your achievement!

6 months ago

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