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National Academy of Future Physicians - Are the reviews reliable?

Hi! I'm interested in joining the National Academy of Future Physicians, but I've read mixed reviews on their programs. Can anybody who has participated give some insights or personal experiences? Does it boost your chances for college admissions? Thanks!

6 months ago

Hi there! It's essential to be cautious with any program that has mixed reviews, and it's great that you're doing your research. I can give you some insights about such programs and their impact on college admissions.

The National Academy of Future Physicians (NAFP) is primarily a conference-style program that aims to foster interest and learning about the medical field. Keep in mind that these types of programs can sometimes be expensive, and there might be other, more cost-effective opportunities available (such as internships, summer programs, or research projects) that can provide you with hands-on experience.

As for college admissions, while participation in the NAFP can show your interest in medicine (which is a positive), it's essential to understand that top-tier colleges are looking for students with a developed specialty or "spike." Generally, they value highly-involved and impactful extracurriculars in your field of interest alongside impressive academic achievements. A conference-style program might not hold as much weight as a tier 1 or tier 2 extracurricular activity.

If you're passionate about medicine and want to pursue it as a career, a more meaningful extracurricular activity could be volunteering at a hospital, shadowing a doctor, or participating in research projects. These experiences would give you a better understanding of the profession and contribute significantly to your college applications.

6 months ago

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