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Personal writing examples for college essays?

Hey everyone, I'm in the process of writing my college essays and could use some inspiration. Can anyone share some personal writing examples they've found helpful or enlightening when it comes to crafting their own essays? TIA!

6 months ago

Hey! It's great that you're working on your college essays and looking for inspiration. I'll share a few examples to help guide you as you craft your own essay.

1. The "study abroad" essay:

In this example, a student shares an experience from studying abroad and how it pushed them out of their comfort zone. Instead of focusing on what they did or where they went, the student could focus on a specific moment (like getting lost in a local market) that brought new insights or personal growth.

2. The "unexpected friendship" essay:

A student might write about a friendship they developed with someone very different from themselves. This could include discussions on personal growth, empathy, and understanding. For instance, forming a friendship with an elderly neighbor who taught the student about history, gardening, or other shared interests.

3. The "unique interest or hobby" essay:

In this example, a student could explore a unique interest they have that has shaped their perspective on life. For example, a student who loves to skydive could describe the sensation of freedom and confidence they feel as they jump out of a plane and how it translates into other aspects of their life, such as overcoming challenges.

4. The "overcoming adversity" essay:

This essay can focus on a particular challenge or obstacle the student faced and how they overcame it. It's important to emphasize the lessons learned and how the experience impacted their life. An example could be overcoming a speech impediment, dealing with a major injury, or facing a personal loss.

5. The "family tradition or background" essay:

In this example, a student might write about how their family background or unique traditions have shaped their personal identity and values. For instance, a student from a multilingual family might discuss the importance of their linguistic heritage and how it has influenced their global outlook.

To learn more, read this post: https://blog.collegevine.com/how-to-write-a-personal-statement-that-wows-colleges/

Remember, it's important to make your essay personal and unique to you. Try to have a strong "voice" in your writing, and connect the topic you choose to your own experiences, values, and growth. By doing so, you'll create a compelling essay that showcases who you are and helps you stand out in the admissions process. Good luck!

6 months ago

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