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RPI financial aid appeal process

I got into RPI but the financial aid package isn't quite enough for me to attend. Has anyone had success with RPI's financial aid appeal process? What steps should I take to appeal for more aid?

6 months ago

Many students have successfully appealed their financial aid at various colleges, and RPI is no exception. While there isn't a guarantee that your appeal will be successful, it's worth a try if the current aid package prevents you from attending. Here are the steps you should take to appeal for more aid at RPI:

1. Draft a financial aid appeal letter: Write a concise and respectful letter explaining the reasons for your appeal. Include specific details about your family's financial circumstances, such as any changes in income, unexpected medical expenses, or other financial hardships that were not previously considered in your aid package. Be sure to state that you are grateful for the aid received thus far and that RPI is your top choice, but attending would be a significant financial strain without additional aid.

2. Gather supporting documents: Collect any relevant documentation that supports your claims in the appeal letter. These might include updated tax returns, medical bills, job loss notifications, or other official financial records. Make sure any new information has not been already considered by RPI when initially awarding your financial aid package.

3. Submit your appeal: Reach out to RPI's financial aid office and inquire about their specific procedures for submitting a financial aid appeal. The process may vary by institution, so it's crucial to follow RPI's guidelines. Attach your appeal letter and all supporting documents with your submission.

4. Follow up: After submitting your appeal, it's essential to follow up with the financial aid office to confirm they have received it and to check the status of your request. This step demonstrates your continued interest and commitment to attending RPI.

5. Wait for a decision: The response time for an appeal can vary depending on the volume of requests the financial aid office is dealing with. Be patient and prepare to wait for several weeks before hearing back. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee your appeal will be successful, but being proactive and providing a well-argued case can increase your chances.

To learn more, read this post: https://blog.collegevine.com/can-i-appeal-my-financial-aid-award/

Remember to remain respectful and professional throughout the process. Good luck, and I hope your appeal is successful!

6 months ago

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