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SAT with essay vs without

Hey all, I need some advice. I'm taking the SAT soon, and I'm not sure if I should do it with the essay or without. Can anyone give me some pros and cons of each option? And do colleges still require the essay sometimes?

6 months ago

Hey there! It's a good idea to think about whether to take the SAT with or without the essay. I'll share some pros and cons of each option and discuss the essay's relevance in college admissions.

Pros of taking the SAT with the essay:

1. Some colleges require or recommend it: While the number of colleges requiring the essay has significantly decreased, there are still a few that prefer it. It's important to research the specific colleges you're interested in to determine their requirements.

2. Showcase your writing skills: If you excel in writing, the essay portion can provide another opportunity to showcase your abilities.

Cons of taking the SAT with the essay:

1. Additional cost: Taking the SAT with the essay costs more than taking the test without it.

2. Longer testing time: Including the essay adds an extra 50 minutes to the test, which might be tiring for some students.

3. Less focus on other sections: Preparing for the essay might divert your attention from the main sections of the test (Math, Reading, and Writing and Language).

Pros of taking the SAT without the essay:

1. Less expensive: The test fee is lower without the essay option.

2. Shorter testing time: You'll spend less time in the testing center, which might help you maintain focus on the crucial sections of the exam.

3. Focus on core subjects: Removing the essay allows you to concentrate on improving your scores in the main areas colleges care about.

Cons of taking the SAT without the essay:

1. Potential requirement: As I mentioned earlier, a small number of colleges still require or recommend submitting the essay. If you change your mind about applying to such a school, you could find yourself taking the SAT again.

In recent years, the importance of the SAT essay has diminished in the college admissions process, with many opting for test-optional policies or disregarding the essay altogether. However, it's important to double-check the requirements of the colleges you plan to apply to.

To decide whether to include the essay, research your target schools, consider your writing abilities, and think about your willingness to invest additional time and money in the test. Good luck with your decision and SAT preparation!

6 months ago

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