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Certificates of Selection for Awards: How Important are They?

Hey everyone, I got a certificate of selection for an award recently and I was wondering, how much weight do colleges put on these types of recognitions? Should I make sure to include this in the awards and honors section of my application?

6 months ago

Hello! Certificates of selection for awards can be significant, depending on the level of achievement or prestige of the award.

To help determine the importance of your certificate of selection, you should think about what tier your award falls under in the four tiers of extracurriculars. If the award is a national or international level honor (Tier 1) or a statewide/regional accomplishment (Tier 2), it would be highly valuable to include in your application. However, if the recognition is more local or generic (Tier 3 or 4), it may not hold as much weight in the eyes of admissions committees.

With that said, you should still include your certificate of selection in the awards and honors section of your application, even if it falls in Tier 3 or 4. It provides a fuller picture of your achievements and emphasizes your dedication to your extracurricular activities. Just be sure to prioritize your higher tier accomplishments when listing them on your application.

Keep in mind that colleges are looking for students with well-developed interests and the potential to make significant contributions in their chosen fields. The impact of your awards will depend on how they complement your overall application and the narrative you present to admissions committees. Good luck!

6 months ago

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