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Is a cumulative GPA the same as a weighted GPA?

Greetings! I'm perplexed by the whole weighted and unweighted GPA thing. Can someone please clarify whether a cumulative GPA is the same as a weighted GPA? Much appreciated!

6 months ago

Hello! I can understand why GPA calculations can be confusing. To clarify, a cumulative GPA and a weighted GPA are not the same thing, but a cumulative GPA can be calculated based on either weighted or unweighted grades.

A cumulative GPA refers to the overall average of a student's grades throughout their time in high school. It's calculated by considering all the semesters' GPAs up to that point.

A weighted GPA takes into account the difficulty of the courses a student takes (such as honors, Advanced Placement, or International Baccalaureate courses), giving extra weight to grades in those more rigorous classes. For example, an "A" in an AP class might be worth 5.0 points instead of the usual 4.0 points in a regular class. An unweighted GPA, on the other hand, does not add any additional points for more challenging courses, and an "A" would always be 4.0 points, no matter the course difficulty.

In short, cumulative GPA is a term that refers to the overall grade average, while weighted GPA and unweighted GPA are two distinct methods of calculating that average. Your cumulative GPA can be a weighted GPA, an unweighted GPA, or a combination of both, depending on how your school calculates it.

It's important to know how your school calculates your cumulative GPA for college applications, and if you're unsure about your specific situation, you can always reach out to a school counselor for guidance on interpreting your transcript.

6 months ago

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